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Leftover stock from - TCOY subscripton box.
Month available for leftover stock: 

  • April 2021
  • May 2021

I wanted to make a care package for my friends that are far away and can't cook for, so I thought of a way for me to cook for people sort of indirectly!

Since becoming a mom I've learned a lot of home life hacks and tips and wanted to share those as well! Especially during quarantine where everyone is home all the time, it's important to take care of yourself and eat well!

These recipes are some of my family's style and revamped on my own. So feel free to adjust accordingly to your own tastes!

DISCLAIMER! I am not a professional chef, just a mom who enjoys cooking and cleaning xD! Also, most of the artwork is done for the whole year for this project, aside from the menu comics. There may be some delays in shipment for the first few months as I adjust to accomodate enough stock initially~ Main shipping delays will occur if restocks for the month will need to be ordered. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Once preorder ends, the following month you will be shipped the following in each box:

All contents will be while supplies last. 
If an item sells  out, the order will proceed to ship until the MENU's are sold out. 

  • Cover card
  • Recipe booklet (Main dish and Side dish)
  • 2 one inch buttons
  • Character card (corresponding to the month's animal)
  • Take care of yourself tip card
  • Sticker sheet (corresponding to the month's animal)
  • Reward sticker