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DOOBOO plush



Super soft dog plush - based off my dog 'Dooboo'.
Each plush has a mochi-mochi plush soft feeling.
Perfect to use as a couch cushion or pillow.

  • about 18 inches wide, from nose to tail
  • embroidered name tag on the base
  • detail embroidery on the butt
  • 100% polyester filling

Please massage and allow 1-2 days for the filling to re-puff up after shipping.

Give Dooboo lots of good pets to reform his shape. He's had a long trip.  
Dooboo is a good lad.
Please take good care and give lots of love to your own dooboo ^^ <3.

Washing Instructions
Highly recommend to hand wash only and set out to dry.
Do not put in washer or dryer, as it may clump the cotton inside.
Do not iron, as it may damage the plush.